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    Hangzhou million medical equipment Co., Ltd.

    Contact: Zhang Hongbiao
    Cell phone: 13805719809
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    Tel: 0571-88095328
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    E-mail: yifan9809@126.com
    Address:room 546, building five, No. 1, No. 7, Kangping Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Gongshu District

    The rehabilitation of lower limb function YF-200G

    The rehabilitation of lower limb function YF-200G

    Technical parameter:
    Input power: 50HZ AC220V
    Input power: less than 70W
    The rehabilitation work noise should be less than 65dB.
    Rehabilitation leg brace length adjustable range of not less than 90mm, the length of the bracket can be adjusted in the range of not less than 100mm.
    Technical characteristics:
    Digital circuit, microcomputer control, LCD large screen LCD screen display movement angle, time, speed.
    Overload auto reverse protection function.
    Knee, ankle and hip joint can move.
    The adjusting range of rehabilitation:
    a)The angle (alpha) motion of the angle (a) between the legs of the A is not less than 125 degrees.
    b)before and after the foot supporting plate turning corner (beta) changes in the scope should be not less than 40 DEG, and move around the angle (gamma) changes in the scope should not be less than 40 degrees.
    The rated load for 200N rehabilitation should be able to work smoothly, no stagnation at rated load, running no abnormal impact sound.
    Rehabilitation leg angle (alpha) angular speed adjustment range: the low speed is not greater than 1 deg / sec, maximum speed not less than 2.5 deg / sec, and grading adjustable (more than 6).
    It is 200N under the load of continuous work time more than 2h.
    It provided with manual control, the patient can control self rehabilitation suspension or stretching (alpha to 180 degrees).
    Rehabilitation boot first appeared stretching between the size of leg angle (alpha) to 180 degrees (extended position).
    Configuration list:
    Host: 1 sets
    Leather pad: 1 sets
    Power cord: 1
    Mouse: 1