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    Hangzhou million medical equipment Co., Ltd.

    Contact: Zhang Hongbiao
    Cell phone: 13805719809
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    Tel: 0571-88095328
    ? ? ?0571-89969049
    E-mail: yifan9809@126.com
    Address:room 546, building five, No. 1, No. 7, Kangping Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Gongshu District

    YF-ATS-C type CNC pneumatic tourniquet (dual channel)

    YF-ATS-C type CNC pneumatic tourniquet (dual channel)

    Technical parameter:
    Pressure setting range of 0 ~ 100Kpa pressure stability accuracy of + 3Kpa
    Time setting range of 0 ~ 120min, the initial inflation time is less than 60s
    Performance characteristics:
    Dual circuit with independent control of the output, you can use the two groups at the same time, do not interfere with each other
    ABS shell, compact structure, easy to operate, easy to learn and useAdjustable
    ertical support, a variety of optional parts: sound alarm
    The connection is simple and reliable, and the thread general interface is convenient for the doctor to bleed quickly in an emergency situation
    High specification hardware, all of the core parts of the United States products
    t the same time, the setting value can be added or subtracted at any time, and can be used for hemostasis at the same time for different limbs.
    Operating time of 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minutes, the sound alarm
    Self checking function:
    Whether the self - charging and discharging test procedure is correct;
    Independent testing pipeline leak
    Insurance function:
    Work time to the automatic ladder bleeding, prevent patients with sudden cardiac and cerebral ischemia
    Work pressure more than 70Kpa, sound alarm
    Power Supply:
    In the case of sudden power outages can always maintain the pressure
    Alarm function
    Sound alarm: the operating time of 10 minutes 5 minutes 1 minutes alarm, remind the operator
    Charging and discharging function:
    Rapid inflation: prevent arterial occlusion, blood filling artery
    A.o 3Kpa as the gradient of the pulsatile release mechanism
    B.manual momentary deflation
    Operative pressure; residual time of operation
    Memory function:
    Automatic memory of the last operation parameters for the next reference, based on the set, can save the setting time