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    Hangzhou million medical equipment Co., Ltd.

    Contact: Zhang Hongbiao
    Cell phone: 13805719809
    ? ? ? ? ? ? 13858115749
    ? ? ? ? ? ? 13082818705
    Tel: 0571-88095328
    ? ? ?0571-89969049
    E-mail: yifan9809@126.com
    Address:room 546, building five, No. 1, No. 7, Kangping Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Gongshu District

    Medical electric saw drill

    Medical electric saw drill

    Medical electric saw drill
    YF-300G reciprocating saw
    The design is exquisite, safe and reliable with saw blade sheath function, to ensure that the operation of the chest soft tissue is not damaged. It can be widely used in the Department of thoracic surgery and Department of orthopedics.
    YF-300G oscillating saw
    ake them portable, stepless speed regulation, accurate and stable.
    Rechargeable bone drill
    Battery powered, strong power, large torque
    YF-300B ordinary type bone drill
    Powerful, reliable performance and economic benefits.
    YF-300G hollow bone drill
    Hollow 4.0mm, used in the gram needle, intramedullary nail and other operations.
    YF-300B automatic craniotomy drilling, milling
    Set drilling, milling, for one, fast loading and unloading, craniotomy drill has ripped through the skull after the automatic stop function, to ensure the operation safety.The skull is higher than the 40000 per minute milling speed, fast, high, more suitable for craniotomy in Department of neurosurgery.